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Prepare Your Site for Winter

It’s that time of year again!

If the upcoming winter is going to be anything like last year, now is the time to begin preparing your site for upcoming inclement weather. Snow and ice can make for a treacherous drive or walk through parking lots and sidewalks. Follow these tips to reduce potential site hazards this winter:

  • Check for low spots that could collect water and create potential icing hazards.
  • Clean catch basin grates and sumps, clear away leaves and make sure the structure is stable and sound.
  • Beehive grates on catch basins can help to prevent clogging in non-paved areas.
  • Ensure gutters are clean and there is no clogging of underground systems.
  • Maintain outlets (flare ends, headwalls, etc.) to ensure positive flow.
  • Ensure there is proper curbing and guard rails to prevent sliding off of the road.
  • Provide clear signage for traffic and pedestrians.
  • Ensure bricks/pavers are set flush for easy shoveling/snow blowing.
  • Create designated snow storage areas.
  • Delineate edges of pavement and curbing to keep plows on the traveled way and out of landscape islands.

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