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Porous Pavement Update: How has it performed since 2017?

A Potentially Environmentally Sound Drainage Solution

In 2017 Gale used Porous Pavement as a possible “out-of-the-box” solution at an airport that had issues promoting proper drainage from travel lanes. Since the installation, Gale has been tracking its performance characteristics. In short, it has held up well. After four years, the pavement has maintained its ability to absorb stormwater without any extraordinary maintenance. It has performed so well that the Airport Manager commented that the water seems to just “disappear”, even during drenching rains and on cold icy days. Plowing does not seem to have any detrimental effects on it, and it has not been lifted or been scraped away. The singular caution in its use is that the pavement does not stand up well to fuel spills. At the airport where this pavement exists, pilots and tenants are not permitted to refuel or perform fuel system checks in areas that drain to the porous pavement. The best part – there have been zero complaints.

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