Publications  |  New Hampshire Town and City Magazine, March/April 2022

Local Airports Offer Many Benefits to New Hampshire Residents

New Hampshire’s public airport system consists of 24 public and private use airports. These airports range from Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, New Hampshire’s largest public airport handling the majority of New Hampshire’s commercial airline service on its 9,250’ paved runway, to Colebrook Airport, with a 2,450’ grass runway. Not only do these local airports serve as an important infrastructure (particularly in times of distress); they also serve as public gathering places, family activity centers, and are an economic engine for tourism and businesses.

New Hampshire relies on its local airports as staging areas for the National Guard, Red Cross, and other non-governmental organizations that deliver vaccines, food, clothing, or evacuate people to safety. Whether it is a pandemic or a natural disaster, these local airports connect people living in New Hampshire to the rest of the world.

One mile of runway can move people and critical aid to communities to and from anywhere in the world, whereas one mile of highway will only move people and aid one mile.

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