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  • Building Enclosure Design & Consulting
  • Building Enclosure Design & Consulting

Plaza Reconstruction/Waterproofing

The plaza deck spanning between the Ladd and Coram libraries (circa 1973) was experiencing failure of the waterproofing membrane, flashings, and deficiencies in the rising masonry walls, resulting in water infiltration to interior spaces below. Additionally, as a result of yearly snow removal operations, concrete pavers were displaced/deteriorated creating uneven walking surfaces and tripping hazards.

Gale evaluated the condition of the existing assembly and provided repair/replacement options. The plaza deck system was replaced with a hot applied rubberized asphalt waterproofing membrane, protection and drainage layers, insulation and new traffic topping. A snow melt system was included in the sand setting bed to alleviate snow removal operations and decrease paver damage. Snow melt also encouraged use of the plaza year round. New stairs, ramps, stainless steel railings at parapet openings, concrete planters and benches with wood accents were included to increase aesthetics.

“Easily the best in attention to details and not ignoring the difficult issues. I’d rate Gale higher than any of the other big city Architectural firms I’ve worked with.”

Paul Farnsworth, Bates College