Noelle Fairneny

Office Assistant

Noelle Fairneny

Noelle is responsible for providing hands-on administrative support to ensure all office processes run smoothly. She has over seven years of experience in Administration and a B.A in Psychology from Marymount University in Arlington, VA.

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of the job is that I’m always learning and getting to do a little bit of everything. It’s rewarding being able to help others so that they can be as efficient and effective as possible in their own tasks. I’m encouraged to take charge of my responsibilities and collaborate with those around me.

Who are you outside of Gale?

Outside of Gale, you can find me spending time with my husband, Kenneth. We enjoy hiking, camping, spending time outdoors, cooking, antiquing and being with our friends and family. We are always trying to find new things to do, new places to explore and going back to the places/things we love.

Noelle Fairneny Casual