Elliott Hambrook

Project Manager

Elliott Hambrook, P.E.

Elliott began his career at Gale in May 2011 as a Staff Engineer with his EIT, and received his CT P.E. license in 2017. As a Project Manager he is responsible for creating proposals for new building enclosure design and consulting work, coordinating to get studies and projects off and running, and working with staff to develop reports and contract documents. On the commissioning side, he perform peer reviews, meets with design team members, and generates enclosure testing programs.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I love stepping up to a particular enclosure issue a client has had ongoing difficulty with, uncovering the true source of the problem, and finding a solution. I can feel their frustration after multiple attempts to address the issue have been met with hasty and often inappropriate fixes instead of long-term, proven remedies. It is rewarding to see the peace of mind our clients have when everyone can finally understand the root cause and we can design a repair that puts the issue behind us so our clients can focus on their other duties.

Who are you outside of Gale?

I grew up Scouting and spent a lot of time in nature. In my free time I still enjoy going outdoors whenever I can, whether I’m camping with friends or my local Scouts BSA troop, skiing and hiking throughout New England, boating on the lake, or just taking a walk.

Elliott Hambrook Casual