Roofs as a Resource: Components and Design of Green Roofs

Occupiable plaza decks and green spaces (green roofs) are increasingly being integrated into facilities throughout the U.S. to utilize roof spaces as more than a means of protecting the interior of a facility from exterior elements.

These occupiable plaza decks and green roofs can improve the energy efficiency of a building, reduce the ambient temperature of the roof surface, prolong the waterproofing system’s performance by reducing thermal and ultraviolet (UV) exposure and stress, and manage the volume of stormwater runoff.

Retrofitting existing roof structures with a waterproofing system and green roof design can be a challenge due to several factors, such as increased dead and live loads, the need for proper drainage/water retention to support the green roof, and maintenance. This presentation will provide an overview of green roofs, their design implications on the waterproofing system, types of waterproofing systems, and maintenance requirements. The presenter will also discuss some case studies.

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