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Vehicular Operations at Airports

Vehicle safety at the airport, it seems so simple. Just drive carefully, right? Not exactly. Yes, it is important to drive cautiously in an airport environment, but there is more to consider than your own driving skills, such as:

  • Understanding signs and pavement markings
  • How and what to communicate to Air Traffic Control or nearby aircraft
  • Proper radio communications, finding a safe place to park, familiarity with a particular airport’s environment
  • Respecting adverse weather and visibility conditions

The FAA has published two useful documents on this topic. The first, FAA Guide to Ground Vehicle Operations (PDF), is a short, comprehensive guide. The second, Advisory Circular (AC150/5210.20A), was released this past fall and includes information on vehicles taxiing or towing an aircraft. These documents have straightforward and valuable tips on how to drive safely in an airport environment. They can also be useful in developing airport rules and regulations.

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