Dartmouth College Webster Rauner Library1
Dartmouth College Webster Rauner Library2

Hanover, NH

Dartmouth College Webster/Rauner Library

  • Building Enclosure Design & Consulting
  • Building Enclosure Design & Consulting

Cornice Modillion Repairs and Roof Replacement

A second-story modillion on the southwest corner of the facility dislodged and fell from the cornice of the Webster/Rauner Library. Gale performed an emergency visual evaluation, including the sounding of all the modillion and cornice elements. Numerous loose modillions were removed, and additional delaminated/cracked modillions were observed and documented. Following the emergency response, we completed an evaluation of the building enclosure and developed design documents to repair/replace the masonry and façade components associated with the modillions, as well as the replacement of steep-slope copper and low-slope EPDM roof systems.