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  • Building Enclosure Design & Consulting

East Campus Tunnel Assessment

The East Campus of the Augusta Mental Health Institute (AMHI) includes multiple buildings that served as a psychiatric hospital until 2004. Most of the buildings are connected by subterranean tunnels linking basements below grade. The tunnels provide pedestrian access and raceways for various utility lines for the campus, and they vary in construction from cast-in-place concrete to brick masonry arches with supplemental steel framing. Moisture infiltration in the tunnels is common, and signs of deterioration have been observed in the masonry structures, framing, utility lines, and fire suppression system.

Air quality was also reported as a concern due to moisture and lack of appropriate ventilation. As part of the tunnel assessment, Gale and our consultants performed an evaluation of the tunnel structures, utilities, and presence of hazardous materials to document the as-built conditions of the tunnels, extent of deficiencies, and provide our opinion regarding renovation versus abandonment.