Marc Loranger

Senior Associate

Marc Loranger, P.E., LEED® AP, APT-RP

Marc’s position as a Senior Associate includes branch office management, business development, proposal writing, all while managing and mentoring project managers, technical personnel, and administrative professionals.

Other positional duties include client and project management, technical consulting, design work, and forensic studies. His experience includes a formal education in architecture, construction management, and civil engineering, as well as over two-decades working at Gale.

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of the job is the feeling you get when meeting new people and winning new work. A close second is the exploration of historic buildings and associated research, design, and construction administration.

Who are you outside of Gale?

A father and husband who enjoys golf, racecars, and coffee. Lots of coffee.

Marc Loranger Casual