Cole McCarthy

Project Engineer

Cole McCarthy, P.E., CDT

As a licensed project engineer, Cole wears many hats on a daily basis, including performing field evaluations, generating reports and design documents, providing consulting services, and sometimes managing dozens of projects at once. He is also licensed by the FAA to fly commercial drones which Gale often uses to photograph hard to reach areas of buildings as part of our evaluations.

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of my job is when I can help a client resolve ongoing issues with their building, therefore becoming an asset which, they hopefully will continue to rely on for future problems that occur with their buildings.

Who are you outside of Gale?

Outside of work, I like to stay active and do pretty much anything outdoors. My favorites include running, hiking, skiing, golfing, kayaking, going to the beach, traveling, and playing soccer and rugby. I also enjoy home improvement projects and trying new local restaurants and breweries.

Cole McCarthy Casual