Waterproofing Below-Grade Structures

This presentation is structured to educate building owners, facility managers, engineers, and architects on the fundamentals of below-grade waterproofing. High-cost clean rooms, classrooms, laboratories, auditoriums, and other critical occupancies are frequently placed in below-grade locations, requiring a water-tight environment.

The presenters will provide an overview of various below-grade waterproofing design considerations and the pros/cons of various available systems. They will address some of the more critical design considerations of sub-grade waterproofing systems, including positive- and negative-side waterproofing, plaza deck assemblies, and those that may experience hydrostatic conditions. The presenters will evaluate pre-manufactured membranes (e.g. thermoplastics, modified bitumen, bentonite, and related polymers), spray-on or brush-applied coatings, and expandable and/or injectable water stops. They will also review design concepts, including critical detailing, surface preparations, application methods, and troubleshooting for typical below-grade waterproofing problems.

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