There’s More to a Roof Replacement Than Replacing the Roofing

Replacing an existing roof system is a required maintenance item that all building managers will encounter at some, or multiple, points over the life of a building. It sounds pretty straightforward – hire a contractor to remove the existing roof system and install a new roof system in kind. However, from code requirements to building appurtenances, roof replacement can be much more involved than it initially sounds.

This presentation will highlight some of the details that need to be considered during roof replacement design:

  • Building code and energy code requirements associated with roof replacements
  • Other renovations that may be needed as part of a roof replacement, including raising rooftop equipment, repairing or modifying rising walls, raising or modifying roof access doors, and potentially modifying plumbing
  • How modifications needed for current roof replacements can be configured to minimize alterations during future roof replacements

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